Diary Entry 2

Talking to myself is something basically impossible for me not to do. I mean, it’s become a part of me. For so long I had no friends and had to create my own that even when I started having friends, i’d freak them out talking to myself… 😛 Lol. When i’m alone now, I still carry on conversations with my brain… I think. It’s crazy on the road. Today I was arguing with my brain friend and a guy nearby walked over to ask if I was okay. Uh, hey, can’t a girl be nuts around here without confrontation?! The outrage! Of course that was not what I said. I politely told him I was. I was sitting with Stephen the other day and he noticed I was kinda distracted. He asked what was wrong, and God help me, I lied to my best friend. I realized then, deep down, the reason I kept my brain friends is cos I have friends now, but I still can’t let them in… I always need to talk to someone about stuff, but I don’t trust anyone enough… yet I guess. Stephen is the person I trust most outside my family, but then, not even family gets in… halfway… Maybe that’s why talking to myself is inevitable…


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