Diary Entry 1

Well, it’s been quite long since my last post. I’ve been terribly busy. Too busy even to write. 😦 I had a few thoughts about starting to post my diary online. SCARY! I’m willing to try though. It won’t be something I do all the time, but I WILL post now and then. Right now I’m lying on the couch in the living room, glaring at the ceiling. My friend Steve just really annoyed me. I won’t say anything of course, being myself. Insulting someone in an indirect way seems to be his talent. Like a teacher of mine, Mr A.Y. who claims his God-given life quota is to abuse other people’s children verbally. Lol. But then Mr A.Y. is insane. I’m not talking to Steve right now cos my data connection is off. He must think i’m so upset i’m ignoring him. I have to admit, I am tempted to continue to let him think that… Ah, but then i’m not one to torment others that way. See you whenever dear blog…