I’m back!!! With my latest adventure! “For Adam was not deceived.” It’s sorta weird, but i’m determined.

The worship service was awesome as usual. His amazing voice had led the Holy choir in harmony, authoritatively. He smiled as yet another group of angels passed, giving him marvelling glances and approving pats with murmured hallelujahs. He saw Micheal, the great warrior come out of the Most High’s sanctuary with one of his captains and give him a small smile and a wave. He returned the greeting and walked alone towards the glinting gold street. The eminence of the Lord himself was the light of the heavenlies… and of the vast space of lower creation below. He still didn’t understand the reason for the creation of those MORTAL creatures. Not to mention the fact that they looked nothing like the Lord, nothing like the elders, nothing like the four creatures always before the Lord (which looked pretty weird themselves ). They were huge, with incapability to speak without shouting. Their existence was constantly known by the heavenlies. Even the spirits of them who had died and come up were noisy! He had to wonder when they were created. Was the Lord that bored? So bored that he was creating all sorts of anomalies just to amuse himself? Were the praises of the heavenlies – HIS praises not enough for the Lord? He reached the gazebo at the intersection and sat in it’s little covering. The wooden bench should be used to him by now. It had become his usual private place. A lovely view of perfection lay just in his sight. Anyone on the road could be seen from his vantage point. And from his point of view he could see Gabriel coming his way. He smiled. This handsome young angel with his close-cropped black hair and gentle brown eyes seemed to always be with a scroll. For that he had been nicknamed “Scribe of the sanctuary”. It seemed every event went into one scroll or the other. The angel even looked studious. Gabriel noticed him then, and his face exploded into a grin. He quickened his pace, stopping before the gazebo’s window, adjusting his scrolls and wiping his face with a sweep of one hand.
“Hail to thee Lucifer! The worship was wonderful! As usual”
He just waved the compliment away
“Many thanks brother. Obviously you are with every moment there in your scrolls.”
Gabriel blushed a soft red. He laughed. Gabriel made the wiping gesture again.
“Well, yes. I do wonder though. Why is it, for the past few millenniums you have taken to this place? You are always here!”
Lucifer smiled. It was his brooding spot.
“To marvel at the Lord”
He said. It wasn’t a lie, it just wasn’t true. Not the way Gabriel would expect anyway. Gabriel’s question filled expression immediately turned love-struck.
“Aye, the Lord. Such a wonder he is!”
Lucifer wasn’t sure why he felt sick all of a sudden, but he gave Gabriel a weak smile and an “Aye”.