Lol. This would be crazy! Callin it. “Handsel and Gretel”

His glove-clad hands brushed the face of the just severed head lovingly. He smiled at the open brown eyes just before he plucked them out of their sockets. He almost laughed out loud at the drastic change in the appearance of the face. Bloody sockets was all it took. He giggled like a little girl getting away with mischief. Then he was interrupted. His hands froze as his wife spoke.
“Hansel this is dangerous”
The female voice came from his own lips, as the worried look his face.
“Oh honey but why?”
He asked, his face normalizing and his hands smoothing the clipper he had brought over the black head. He froze again.
“The detective keeps getting closer and closer. He’s too smart.”
His hands moved again, continuing to shave and a maniacal grin brightened his face.
“Ah, my dear Gretel. He can’t. Ever.”
The grin became a frown.
“Not even when you share the same body?”
Asked the female voice uncertainly.
The hands moved again, pushing fingers into the skin beside the empty sockets and peeling off the entire face. He cradled the bloody gray skull.
“No, Gretel. He was knocked out for sure when we left. Look. A new collection.”
Detective Kenneth O’Riley sat up in bed, dazed he looked around, his dream coming back to him. He had seen the murderers in his dream. Heard them talk about him……no memory of faces. This case was unlike any he could remember. He shuddered. He now had to watch the crime while it was performed. He felt such a headache. He was exhausted and wanted to curl up and sleep……but he had slept all through last night….


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