“Echoes of Mercy”

You already know that i’m crazy….but most people run when I let this cat out if the bag. I thought about death all the time. So much that I daydreamed of myself in death situations and figured out the different ways I could manage to save my life. For example, I once saw an upright pole on the unfinished roof of a bungalow from the top floor of my school building. I stopped to study it with my friend Guano and the junior who had been crushing on me then, Gautier. While they talked I was imagining being pushed from a chopper directly downwards towards it. I looked at the death modes. I calculated the height of my imaginary chopper and made it just right so that if I was to land with my head first the pole would pierce through. The whole length of me. Or if I landed with my back I’d break into halves, then I began to strategize my means of survival. I could grab the pole with my hands but my face would be in serious trouble. I could definitely not try to block the blow with my hands. I would lose both arms. I would just have to perform a sideways spin and avoid the pole. Smiling a little at that little victory I looked back to Guano and Gautier to find them staring at me. I told Guano what I had been thinking and he gave me a funny look. I just grinned at him. Gautier adored me, bless his childish heart….though he was only a month younger….anyway, he didn’t find that weird. There are so many others. Like imagining falling out the window in a construction site or my favorite, lying in bed when a tornado hits right in front of your window and lifts your bed and you, and slams you into the iron bars that refuse to give way and let you fly into the flurry. I haven’t figured that one out yet. The force of hitting the bars if you are facing the window, lying on your back, would kill you. If it doesn’t the inability to breath will do the job effectively. If you lay on your stomach, your face would be stuck in the mattress and you would die of good ol’ suffocation. If your head is out of the mattress, your neck would be screwed. Charming young lady, was I not?


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