Imagine it. Thinkin bout making it sci-fi.

She dropped herself on her bed staring at the fixture in the ceiling where a lightbulb should be and wasn’t. She felt the stress of her thoughts ease into the background and she happily let them. With her eyes she drew imaginary green circles in the fixture, counting how many she could create before she reached the- well, pulsing green center. She concentrated on the center and it pulsed even harder. All her concentration on the pulse, she didn’t notice that her imaginary circles were coming down, growing bigger, and enveloping her completely. The pulse grew with her apt attention and more circles kept coming down. The center pulsed dangerously big and burst out of its confinement for a second. She was entranced, her head pounding with the rhythm of the pulse. Once more it pulsed out of its borders and her head pulsed with it. The pain numbed her but her eyes wouldn’t leave the pulse, much to her detriment. One last pulse, exploding out of the fixture and one last panting breath as she exploded with it, becoming a body of white fire. The green light blinked out and the fire slowly died down. Leaving nothing but ash on the bed.


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