A blockbuster hit for sure! This book is writing me, “Chiller”

It dribbled black spittle from its mouth as it attacked them. Frowning in disgust and keen on saving Vashti and the other occupant of the car, Kinae raised his arm and closed his eyes. His lightening bow formed in his hand and pulling on the string of electricity with his other hand he sent a bolt straight into the shoulder of the demon. Shreiking in pain it turned to face him swiftly, yanking out strands of Vashti’s white hair and flinging the other occupant out of the car and into the side wall in the process. That girl had to be unconscious after that hit. But he had himself to worry about. Shrieking again the demon launched itself towards him. He cowered, hiding behind his hands. A heavy gust of wind hit him instead and he heard the demon scream. Looking, he found Karen standing in front of him, her golden sheild billowing with such strenght it pushed the demon backwards inch by inch making it scream in rage. She turned to give him a smile over her shoulder. He returned it and looked over at Vashti. She was covering the girl she came with with her body, her hair flying around her face, her blue eyes flashing with wrath. She was still unprotected. Karen’s sheild was on her against side. The demon had to be destroyed. Turning he searched among the other kids. All had their heads down, hiding. Except one. Cameron, the thirteen year old darkhaired boy with the power of combustion held his gaze firmly. Kinae nodded at him and he flew to his feet in a rapid motion of legs and a hand. Coming forward he stood by Kinae and looked up at him.
“Ready Cam?”
He asked. The boy nodded and looked at the demon. It was still trying to fight its way through Karen’s sheild. To no avail. Vashti was looking straight at him, Kinae could tell. The demon, noticing his gaze, turned to bound towards her unprotected companion and she.
” Go!”
Kinae heard himself yell and Cameron roared, an explosion of fire flooding from his open mouth and through Karen’s sheild, landing directly on the mid-air demon. It shrieked and fell short, landing just before Vashti and rolling in the flames. Kinae called his bow again and sent two bolts into its back. Its shreiks became grunts as it melted and soon became a smoking pile of gummy liquid and ashes. Going back to the controls Kinae pressed ‘store’, and the remains of the demon was sucked in by a nearby cylinder. They all ran to Vashti on the floor with her companion.
“Are you alright Vashti?”
He asked, kneeling beside her and cradling her head. She swatted his hand away.
“I am. She isn’t.”
She said sounding upset. Kinae examined her companion. She was unconscious alright. She was also beautiful. Not like Vashti. Her beauty was stronger. Her face was more set. He studied her head. Where she had hit was swelling. She would need ice. She might have a concussion. Turning he thought at Karen.
*Get a bag of ice and a bowl. A wet towel would be good too.*
Nodding, the red head ran off. He met Vashti’s eyes again.
“Whats going on here? And what did you say happened to dad? The upper lab is destroyed.”
Kinae shook his head to keep from crying. Just when someone wanted him…
“They took Doc Vashti.”
He said, his voice breaking. Her face contorted as she struggled between a cry and a question. Finally a painful sound escaped her lips and she doubled over. He tried to take her up but she vanished from where his hands stretched to and re-appeared at the feet of her companion. That was a full six feet away.
her strangled voice asked him.


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