An excerpt from a book i’m considering writing, “The Undertaker’s Son”

The leaves crackled under her feet, water dripped on her head from the over-head trees and the area smelt damp. Carey Smithins sat in the woods that occupied most of the space in her fathers huge land space. Her eyes felt heavy, the book laying on her chest slipped down to her belly.
“You waited for me?”
Her eyelids flew open. He was standing over her, his curly black bangs falling over his eyes, a blue so clear, it looked as transparent as water. She hugged her knees to her chest. He still had his way of creeping her out, no matter how un-afraid of him she was. Like, where did he come from? She brushed her own blonde bangs out of her gray-blue eyes. She had waited two hours. She shook her head to get some of the wetness out and jutted her chin out towards him.
“Well I said I would.”
He looked her over, his eyes making her feel as transparent as they were so he could see through her. Silent as the dark, he lowered himself to sit in front of her. His eyes continued to search hers.
“You said you feel there’s someone under my facade. That you want to be close to that person, not the one you see now?”
Carey sighed and refused to break eye contact.
“No matter how strange, creepy and dark you are, no matter how many layers of pretense you have hidden yourself under, you appeal to me. And I want to be close to you. To be whom you confide in.”
He didn’t break their steady gaze but he was quiet.
“Do you confide in me?”
He asked finally. Her eyes widened and a small smile curved the edge of his lips.
“What? You think I dont care to hear your own sob stories?”
She couldn’t answer for the shock that gripped her. Keeping his eyes on hers he slowly slid upwards, moving closer and closer to her until his nose was two inches from hers and focusing on his eyes became a hard task. His eyes slid down her profile, lingering on her lips, then fluttered back up
“Who are you deep down Carey Smithins? Everybody sees the strong outer skin, but whats the inside like if broken through?”


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