Excerpt from an old book of mine, “Fish”

Jayce groaned. The bleeper kept bleeping annoyingly. That sound meant trouble, and that trouble meant a case. He looked down at the stupid round device and pressed the only button on it. The bleeper opened up and the live hologram of Holt Magma popped out.
“Agent Claton, your attention is needed. This may be big trouble.”
Jayce rolled his eyes
Through the holographic moving picture the old general frowned.
“Piss on that! Just get your ass down here Claton!”
Without waiting for his answer the hologram blinked back into the bleeper and it shut up. He sighed as he began to get ready to ‘get his ass down there’. As he put on his coat he called,
he heard her run down the stairs
“Yes daddy?”
then she saw that he was dressed up.
she said. She cleared her throat and saluted.
“Not to worry agent Claton, I shall check myself into the protection of OTTO”
Jayce smiled at the child. He took her left hand and felt the smaller fingers, and also the absence of the middle finger. SarahJo was deformed on her left hand, born without a finger on her left, the reason why her mother, Caroline Rollands disowned her. He hardly ever looked at her left hand and hated his mistake of holding it. Knowing this, she detached her hand from his and moving to the other side gave him her right. Pained by this, he turned her back to his right and determinatedly took hold of her left hand. He thinned his lips as he led her to the robotic steel security playhouse.
“OTTO, open handprint identification, eye detector and keycode passes.”
The voice identification device buzzed alive.
“Yes, Jayce”
it said. Jayce ran through the security checks, then the once invisible door opened.
“Thank you Jayce”
and as SarahJo’s little feet tapped down the stairs it laughed.
“Welcome SarahJo.”
Jayce closed the door and it concealed again.
“Bye Jayce”
The robotic voice told him and he tapped the iron igloo fondly.


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