Brand new. Excerpt. “Echoes of Mercy”

The key rattled in the hole once and I knew Dad was home. Mama and Jose ran to their positions at once. Watching Mama I knew she should look scared of what this may uncover, but as usual my Mama was a rock. Unflinching and resolved. They began and I just sat quietly at the dining table, spooning my rice slowly. I listened to the banter without as much as a blink.
“Jose, tell me the truth now! Answer my question!”
Mama said waving the bible wildly in her hand. Reddy looked confused and scared. The poor girl. She had been left out of the game. Mama’s key finally gave way and fell out and Dad’s prevailed. Jose really looked trapped, and downright afraid. Good actress she was. Or was she?
Dad opened the door.
“What is happening here?!”
He exclaimed. Momma plumb ignored him.
“Tell me! Has my husband been touching you or not!”
Jose’s eyes darted to Father’s, as did mine. She froze for an instant till Mama’s voice shook her.
“He’s been pressing your breasts. Has he not?!”
Jose lowered her head and I expected her to give out. Instead she said,
Never in my eleven years had I heard such gravity in one word.
Mama looked upon Pa for the first time then.
“Shame on you Christopher!”
She yelled at him. I swallowed rice hard. He got all red in the face. He banged the door shut.
“And what can you do about it? Yes, I have and I will marry her! What can you do you peasant? I will throw you out of my house!”
Momma got that look in her eyes and I fought the feeling that I should cover my ears and duck under the table. I wasna a child no more.She faced him squarely.
“Try it.”
This time I felt like moaning, my spoonful of rice midair. I was frozen, but Reddy wasn’t as Pa grabbed Mama by the neck and opened the door again, trying to push her out. Mama put both hands against the frame and refused to be thrown. I watched, my eyes once went to Jose. I had no words for her look and still don’t. Reddy was screaming and crying profusely. It was suposa be a ruse. It shouldna have been this way. He shoulda been mortified and ashamed. It shoulda made him stop! As I watched Pa, all 6’1 foot of him trying to push my struggling Ma, 5’5 out our door in just her bra and her blue wrap skirt for chores my memories came. A younger me, flinging myself on my green bed, Pa and Ma’s voices raising goosebumps on my pale flesh, praying for all I was worth that they would stop and be happy. Convenanting my life. It hadn’t worked. Another scene, blurry, me younger still, maybe five, walking around the house proudly in Mom’s black and white gown that pooled at my feet. People everywhere. Mom was packing I knew, but not why. Priscillia, a woman in our church grabbed me.
“Tell your mother to stay for you girl. Or you as good as dead.”
She frightened me and I ran to Mommy remembering how she said I could take anything of hers I wanted. I had always loved the dress. I looked at her now and saw she was sad.
“Where are you going Mommy?”
I asked. She didn’t answer right. She stayed after they sat her down to talk. As I remembered I felt something break inside me. That was one of the first of his affairs. I was bleeding from inside. Something else was filling up though. Cold, hard, and angry, killing me as it came. I changed right there on the dining table, Reddy screaming, Mom fighting, Dad pulling, Jose begging him as he hurled treacherous words at the mother of his children, words I will not say now. I put the hanging spoon in my mouth careless of the chaotic melee around me. Esme was filled. Oh yes I was! With hate. Hate for the man who’s sperm created me. And worse, hate for myself. I canna tell ye all right now. Trust I will though, all in due time. This is only the beginning. The prolouge if it be a book. Everything will come. Every blasted, dirty bit of it, for this story….Canna help but be told.


“He rose, and so must She.”

Angelina Diablo, Mitch Lorenzo, Jacky Summers. These three characters keep screaming to be put on screen. I’m going to research, and be back with a page-turner readers.


A blockbuster hit for sure! This book is writing me, “Chiller”

It dribbled black spittle from its mouth as it attacked them. Frowning in disgust and keen on saving Vashti and the other occupant of the car, Kinae raised his arm and closed his eyes. His lightening bow formed in his hand and pulling on the string of electricity with his other hand he sent a bolt straight into the shoulder of the demon. Shreiking in pain it turned to face him swiftly, yanking out strands of Vashti’s white hair and flinging the other occupant out of the car and into the side wall in the process. That girl had to be unconscious after that hit. But he had himself to worry about. Shrieking again the demon launched itself towards him. He cowered, hiding behind his hands. A heavy gust of wind hit him instead and he heard the demon scream. Looking, he found Karen standing in front of him, her golden sheild billowing with such strenght it pushed the demon backwards inch by inch making it scream in rage. She turned to give him a smile over her shoulder. He returned it and looked over at Vashti. She was covering the girl she came with with her body, her hair flying around her face, her blue eyes flashing with wrath. She was still unprotected. Karen’s sheild was on her against side. The demon had to be destroyed. Turning he searched among the other kids. All had their heads down, hiding. Except one. Cameron, the thirteen year old darkhaired boy with the power of combustion held his gaze firmly. Kinae nodded at him and he flew to his feet in a rapid motion of legs and a hand. Coming forward he stood by Kinae and looked up at him.
“Ready Cam?”
He asked. The boy nodded and looked at the demon. It was still trying to fight its way through Karen’s sheild. To no avail. Vashti was looking straight at him, Kinae could tell. The demon, noticing his gaze, turned to bound towards her unprotected companion and she.
” Go!”
Kinae heard himself yell and Cameron roared, an explosion of fire flooding from his open mouth and through Karen’s sheild, landing directly on the mid-air demon. It shrieked and fell short, landing just before Vashti and rolling in the flames. Kinae called his bow again and sent two bolts into its back. Its shreiks became grunts as it melted and soon became a smoking pile of gummy liquid and ashes. Going back to the controls Kinae pressed ‘store’, and the remains of the demon was sucked in by a nearby cylinder. They all ran to Vashti on the floor with her companion.
“Are you alright Vashti?”
He asked, kneeling beside her and cradling her head. She swatted his hand away.
“I am. She isn’t.”
She said sounding upset. Kinae examined her companion. She was unconscious alright. She was also beautiful. Not like Vashti. Her beauty was stronger. Her face was more set. He studied her head. Where she had hit was swelling. She would need ice. She might have a concussion. Turning he thought at Karen.
*Get a bag of ice and a bowl. A wet towel would be good too.*
Nodding, the red head ran off. He met Vashti’s eyes again.
“Whats going on here? And what did you say happened to dad? The upper lab is destroyed.”
Kinae shook his head to keep from crying. Just when someone wanted him…
“They took Doc Vashti.”
He said, his voice breaking. Her face contorted as she struggled between a cry and a question. Finally a painful sound escaped her lips and she doubled over. He tried to take her up but she vanished from where his hands stretched to and re-appeared at the feet of her companion. That was a full six feet away.
her strangled voice asked him.


An excerpt from a book i’m considering writing, “The Undertaker’s Son”

The leaves crackled under her feet, water dripped on her head from the over-head trees and the area smelt damp. Carey Smithins sat in the woods that occupied most of the space in her fathers huge land space. Her eyes felt heavy, the book laying on her chest slipped down to her belly.
“You waited for me?”
Her eyelids flew open. He was standing over her, his curly black bangs falling over his eyes, a blue so clear, it looked as transparent as water. She hugged her knees to her chest. He still had his way of creeping her out, no matter how un-afraid of him she was. Like, where did he come from? She brushed her own blonde bangs out of her gray-blue eyes. She had waited two hours. She shook her head to get some of the wetness out and jutted her chin out towards him.
“Well I said I would.”
He looked her over, his eyes making her feel as transparent as they were so he could see through her. Silent as the dark, he lowered himself to sit in front of her. His eyes continued to search hers.
“You said you feel there’s someone under my facade. That you want to be close to that person, not the one you see now?”
Carey sighed and refused to break eye contact.
“No matter how strange, creepy and dark you are, no matter how many layers of pretense you have hidden yourself under, you appeal to me. And I want to be close to you. To be whom you confide in.”
He didn’t break their steady gaze but he was quiet.
“Do you confide in me?”
He asked finally. Her eyes widened and a small smile curved the edge of his lips.
“What? You think I dont care to hear your own sob stories?”
She couldn’t answer for the shock that gripped her. Keeping his eyes on hers he slowly slid upwards, moving closer and closer to her until his nose was two inches from hers and focusing on his eyes became a hard task. His eyes slid down her profile, lingering on her lips, then fluttered back up
“Who are you deep down Carey Smithins? Everybody sees the strong outer skin, but whats the inside like if broken through?”


Excerpt from an old book of mine, “Fish”

Jayce groaned. The bleeper kept bleeping annoyingly. That sound meant trouble, and that trouble meant a case. He looked down at the stupid round device and pressed the only button on it. The bleeper opened up and the live hologram of Holt Magma popped out.
“Agent Claton, your attention is needed. This may be big trouble.”
Jayce rolled his eyes
Through the holographic moving picture the old general frowned.
“Piss on that! Just get your ass down here Claton!”
Without waiting for his answer the hologram blinked back into the bleeper and it shut up. He sighed as he began to get ready to ‘get his ass down there’. As he put on his coat he called,
he heard her run down the stairs
“Yes daddy?”
then she saw that he was dressed up.
she said. She cleared her throat and saluted.
“Not to worry agent Claton, I shall check myself into the protection of OTTO”
Jayce smiled at the child. He took her left hand and felt the smaller fingers, and also the absence of the middle finger. SarahJo was deformed on her left hand, born without a finger on her left, the reason why her mother, Caroline Rollands disowned her. He hardly ever looked at her left hand and hated his mistake of holding it. Knowing this, she detached her hand from his and moving to the other side gave him her right. Pained by this, he turned her back to his right and determinatedly took hold of her left hand. He thinned his lips as he led her to the robotic steel security playhouse.
“OTTO, open handprint identification, eye detector and keycode passes.”
The voice identification device buzzed alive.
“Yes, Jayce”
it said. Jayce ran through the security checks, then the once invisible door opened.
“Thank you Jayce”
and as SarahJo’s little feet tapped down the stairs it laughed.
“Welcome SarahJo.”
Jayce closed the door and it concealed again.
“Bye Jayce”
The robotic voice told him and he tapped the iron igloo fondly.


Further into “Surreal”

They hid in the bushes and watched as the men knocked. Demetri felt a moment of panicky fear for the person they came to see. He knew it was a she, but what would her power be able to do to save her from the men? What if she just had mental powers like Astre, or no powers at all like Theo? Maybe he should help. Astredante’s sudden grip on his shirt said that she had seen what he was about to do and thought against it. He shrugged her hand off but stayed put. His own signal that he would obey but didnt like it. The door opened on the second knock and the girl who opened it took his breath away. She couldnt have been a day over 19. She was dressed in white like every other Jetian he had met, her gown flowed over her body like water, she had thick, heavy looking, golden blonde braids hanging down on either side of her face. Her eyes were brown rings in her oval face with German features. She had to be standing up to 7ft tall. The men grabbed her and pulled her out into the circular clearing. Demetri felt the fear again as one of them said something he didn’t hear and waved his sword, making the rest laugh. Out of nowhere Astredante giggled. He and EuGal turned to her with questioning looks. She covered her mouth with one hand to stop the giggles before whispering, “They said she’s almost to pretty to kill. Now watch what she’ll do!”


An excerpt from “Surreal”

“Calm down before you expose us EuGal”
Demetri cautioned. The Jetian seemed to get even more annoyed by his words. She lifted a table with the wave of two fingers and crashed it into the window. Demetri cowered as glass shattered and flew in all directions.
“Let them come get me!”
She said with the defiant toss of her head he had become accustumed to. He had to do something fast, she was already floating 3ft above the ground back and forth muttering in fury what sounded like foreign curses.
He began. Her eyes threw a vase at him and he ducked, it flew cleanly over his head.
“Curse them to blazes!”
She yelled shaking a fist to prove her point and crushing a stool nearby to sawdust in the process. He watched the sawdust fly as she passed over it, moving again.
“What about Theo?”
He asked on impulse. She stopped and looked at him. Spotting his chance he moved in.
“You know that if they find you they will surely find your brother. He is not hidden to your mind, and you know they will kill him.”
She drifted to the wooden floor suddenly looking tired and miserable, her eyes downcast. She dropped to her seat in a heap on the floor.
“You’re right.”
she acknowledged and dropped her head in her hands.
“And we know Cathrusian has the farslayer. It wouldn’t be hard at all.”
Even as she said the words, Demetri noticed a glint outside the window she had just destroyed, and in a split second a five foot long blade was arrowing through the broken glass, straight for him. EuGal was on her feet before he could dodge and she immediately deflected the blades point with a spin of her body. It passed him and stuck in the wall behind him, an inch away from where his neck had been. His eyes were still wide with shock. She was tugging on his arm.
“Its farslayer! Cathrusian knows you’re alive! He’ll follow the blade! Lets run Demetri!”