Excert from my amazing book. “Ephphatha”

Excert from my amazing book. “Ephphatha”.


Triana smiled a little and crushed her coffee cup in one hand. Bonnie was still grinning at her, she moved her sunglasses to the top of her head and winked.
“Speaking of the Angel”
Triana turned and sure enough Twain was coming up to their table. She turned back to Bonnie, her wide eyes screaming panic. Bonnie was getting up, her African print skirt flying around her legs.
“Bonnie! What are you doing?!”
she shrieked. Her bestfriend chuckled even as Twain got to them.
“Hey, Twain. I’m off to get some chocs. You don’t mind keeping Tria company while i’m gone do you?”
She asked innocently. Twain’s terrific blue eyes fixed on Triana’s.
“Sure, wanted to talk to her anyway.”
Bonnie’s smile shone. She gave Triana a down-to-earth look.
“Okay, enjoy.”
She said. With that she turned and catwalked off to, Triana knew, nowhere in particular. She turned to Twain and saw that he was staring intently. She swallowed, and looked down at her hands, feeling the heat rise to her face. He reached out and tapped her cheek with a single finger.
“Finally, I put some color in your face”


“Ephphatha” read n love me. :)

Vinny stopped running. He looked back. The men were closing in on Lena.
“Keep going! Get to the road!”
He shouted to the others and unsheating Lena’s swords, ran towards the circle. Giving a war shout he jumped from the bench and took off two mens heads. The circle broke as the men retreated a bit in shock. Out of nowhere one of the men grabbed him from behind and lifted him. Vinny dropped his swords, knowing what the mans next move would be, but at the last moment the man slipped and fell into the cold lake. In the shock the man left him and Vinny swam to the surface. He grabbed the mans reaching fingers between his teeth and bit down, hard. The man let out a tortured scream and fought to pull his fingers out. Vinny made his jaws steel vices and clamped on, with the mans other hand in his grip. The pulling only tortured the goon more. Vinny could feel his mouth filling with warm blood and he tried not to gag. He bit down harder and crunched bone, the finger dislocated. The man began to moan. Letting go Vinny grabbed the hand and twisted. It snapped midsection, another twist and it snapped the shoulder out of its socket. The giant passed out and Vinny swam to the edge, leaving him to drown. Lena had killed one more. The armed men attacked him as soon as he got out. Vinny growled and grabbed the head of one man. He jerked him about and his neck snapped. Grabbing another by the hand he flung him to his knees and slammed the heel of his palm under the mans nose, snapping the cartilage and sending the bone up into the mans brain like an arrow…


Excert from my amazing book. “Ephphatha” <3 Stephen Gabriel for believing in me.

Vinny laughed and parried with his own sword.
“Crazy girl”
he said. Lena laughed with him and moved away to flex her arms and get a better grip on her sword. Vinny played with his, swinging it in a circle around his fingers.
“Give up?”
He asked teasingly. Lena grinned the grin that always set him ablaze.
“Not on your life.”
She swung his way and he bent backwards, her blade passing over his face. He swung at her unprotected mid-section in his upcoming but she flipped out of the way. He struck in swing with her land. She wasn’t expecting the blade coming her way but she swiftly capitulated, a shocked look on her face. He gave her a wicked grin of his own. The grin that took off the heads of college girls in the humid Virginia. Vinny withdrew his sword, scraping it along hers like a mock caress of death.
Her eyes went steely, her lips pursed slightly and curved into a small malicious smile. Yes, he had pushed her into her competitive side. He flexed his arms and reset his stance. Her strikes were harder now, more precise, aimed to win. Not that he exactly had a problem holding her off, but she was always a good excersise. He warded her sword off one more time then not waiting for her next blow spun with his sword, cutting a huge circle around him in the air just at her neck level. She threw her body backwards, head-first into the air, his blade passed over her now horizontal body, almost touching her chest but not quite, then she completed the flip, suddenly on her feet again.
was his thought but he kept it and struck at her. She raised her sword and blocked his, stopping him short, each of them leaning in on their swords in stalemate. Two minutes passed that way and he began to overpower her, pushing her sword down. Seeing that she was losing, she fluttered her lashes and gave him a beguiling smile. Vinny leaned out and laughed, throwing back his head. The laugh stopped abruptly when he felt cold blade at the side of his neck. He looked at her. Her smile was one of satisfaction.
“Never let your opponent distract you, oh brave knight”
she mocked him. Recovering from the shock he dodged under her blade, grabbed her hand on his way back up and pulled her chest to chest with him, staring down into her huge deer eyes.
“Never hesitate to destroy your opponent”
was his comeback. She tried to kick him and he wrenched her hand, her sword fell out. He whipped her around so she was backing him and he was holding her hands in front.
For some reason it became funny. They both laughed. She flattened her palms and pushed downwards freeing herself and rolling over on the ground to stand up. He didn’t try to stop her or grab her again. He gave her a megawatt smile. She closed the distance between them in short determined steps and cupped his face in her palms, covering his lips with hers. His arms went around her waist of their own accord…..
And then he woke up.


“Ephphatha” sometimes even the heroes suffer momentary defeat

Lena was retreating. They were coming at her collectively now. The circle was tighter around her. She kicked one low and hard and he doubled over. Two took her by each arm and as they did she lifted her lower body and kicked the bent over one in the face. His body straightened with her momentum and she felt his jaw shatter on her foot. He fell backwards and she continued upwards, spreading her legs horizontally in a split and slamming her knees in the faces behind her. As they fell back she ripped her arms out of their grip and buried her swords in each of their chests as she landed on her feet behing their heads. Blood splatterd her face. As she straightened, a hammer of a fist rammed into her chest wiping the breath from her. She staggered backwards drawing her swords out of the bodies and leaving a cavity in them as she went. Her eyes rolled in her head, then a kick to her skull took her down. They stood over her. The last three.
“Do I finish her?”
one asked.
“Nah, Rob said to bring her back. She’s to be burnt at the stake. No blood.”
Blood suddenly spurted on her head. She couldn’t draw a breath. The men swore simultaneously. One of them fell, the hilt of her sword protruding from his lower back.
“This two are animals. Look at the male.”
One was saying. They were backing her now.
“Do you think he could be of use?”
The same one asked. The other snorted.
“Not a chance, call back up, just two of us won’t do. We need to kill him.”
Lena gasped.
was the last thing that escaped her lips and all was black in her world.

(Vinny’s fall is way too long)


Another excerpt from my “Taken by The Clouds”

Exiting the elevator, Delia Schwann strode through the Airforce Command and Control Integration Center, aura of confidence billowing, walk intimidating, beauty stunning leaving the other occupants of the lift to stare at her back in unhidden awe. She drew stares from rookie and high-ranker alike, even those who knew her stared. She couldn’t quite blame them. They knew a little girl. She got to the office she was looking for and pushed the door open with one arm. Stepping into the darkened, warm mahogany colored office she spotted Uncle Sher immediately. He looked up at her as she silently closed the door but didn’t say anything. Since she was in jeans and a t-shirt it would take him sometime to be sure it was her, so she spoke.
“Henry was on that plane Uncle Sher.”
He dropped the paper he had been holding and took off his glasses to pinch his nose.
“I know”
he said. Delia had an inkling that he was being torn to shreds by the fact. She and her brother meant the world to him. Ofcourse though, the office came before the man.
“Put me on a plane Uncle Sher. I want to be there myself”
she pleaded putting her hands on the edge of his table and leaning down. He looked up to stare into her green cat-like eyes with his empty sad blue ones.
“And lose you too Delia? No.”
Before he said the words they had shown on his face. She hissed, knowing it was one of the signs that she was about to go feral she turned away from him.
“You know whats under the pretty face Uncle Sher, you trained me yourself. I’m one of your very best! You know I can do this!”
He startled her by raising his voice.
“I know nothing! As far as we all know this is beyond human capability! Send you there? To face the unknown? How, Miss best? What pilot is ready to risk being lost to his family?!”
Right at that moment the door opened. Delia was still too stunned to turn around. The deep baritone voice that followed made her shiver.
“I want to find my family Sherman. Give me a plane now or I go rogue and do this myself”
The owner of the voice moved in to stand beside her, paying her no mind. Uncle Sher leaned back and rubbed his face in exhaustation.
“Khilan, listen to yourself-”
he began but never finished. Khilan dropped himself suddenly to copy her position and stare into Uncle Sher’s eyes.
“Will you give me a plane or not?”
Delia watched him, absolutely awed. Uncle Sher looked from him to her. She could hear the wheels in his head.
“Fine, if you take her.”
He said nodding in her direction. Khilan noticed her for the first time and turned. Their eyes locked and she remembered him instantly. The man at the airport. He seemed to recognise her too. He turned back to Uncle Sher who by now had a small smile on his face knowing how neither of them had requested company.
Khilan asked. Uncle Sher nodded.
“And every other interested soul available to me.”