“The Genesis” Teaser.

No words, in whatever language, would suffice to encompass the glory, and awesomeness of the praises of the heavenly worship service that day. Not even if it filled an entire book. He had led the Holy Choir, breaking melody into new crescendos, coordinating each note into a blend of perfect harmony.
No words could describe the feeling, when his hands bent and altered the notes of sounds, each resultant wave, a stroke of genius, bringing tears of awe to the eyes of the beholders.
Awe for the Most High. He had to remind himself. He smiled as yet another group of angels passed, giving him marveling glances, approving pats, and murmured ‘Hallelujah’s’.
He saw Michael, the great warrior come out of the Most High’s sanctuary with one of his captains and give him a small smile, and a wave. He returned the greeting and walked alone towards the glinting gold streets. His eyes taking in the beauty all around him. Everything bathed in the light exuded by the Most High. The glory of the Eternal One shone into every nook and cranny, the supernatural light leaving no room for umbra or penumbra shadows.
He shook his head as he easily made his way to the flower covered gazebo at the heavenly crossroads. Right in the center of the left, right, back and front roads. What it must be like, to be the Most High…
Sitting on the throne on the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the North. Above the stars. All of the glory – including his – belonged to The Lord. The praises were his meals. Lucifer smiled as he thought of what a delicious meal his praises must make.
With a laugh he stringed a few tunes between his fingers, drawing the threadlike spirits taut, before releasing them into the air, letting their melody move his feet to tap to the vibrant strain.
He reached the gazebo and stretched out. The long bench, already used to him gave for his weight comfortably. This had become his spot. For the past few days, he had taken to it. Letting his thoughts wander.
Now, he began again. His thoughts, roused by a particularly loud roar of the creatures of the vast space of lower creation below.
He still did not understand the reason for the creation of those ugly mortal creatures. They looked nothing like The Lord, nothing like the 24 elders, nothing like the four creatures constantly before The Lord… Which looked pretty weird themselves. They were just…grotesque.
The creatures below were huge, with incapability to speak without shouting in that strange, tongue-tying language of theirs. Their existence was very much acknowledged by the citizens of the heavenlies as their roars of everyday life could be heard even in the confines of the great library.
Where God got his insane inspiration from was a total mystery. Why create more creatures? All of them to praise him. Were the praises of the heavenlies – his praises – not good enough? Yes, God ate the praises, but exactly how much could He eat?
The gazebo gave him a splendid view of the perfection all around him and in that view he could see Gabriel approaching. He couldn’t stop the smile that tugged at his lips at the sight of the angel.
Now, this handsome, warm featured angel, was one of the first, him, Michael and Gabriel but his purpose was quite different. The Letter. Gabriel had his way with words. While Michael rules with swords, Lucifer in song, Gabriel got The Word. He was always with a scroll. At every point in time, journaling every event he came upon. For this he had been nicknamed ‘Scribe of the Sanctuary’.
He always brought with him a jovial, friendly or tranquil aura. He took the ribbing goodnaturedly, laughing along or giving an amused eye roll.
Now the angel’s face exploded into a grin as he looked both sides before switching into angel velocity and crossing the distance before Lucifer could even blink, so that it seemed like he suddenly materialized in front of the gazebo window.
“Hail to thee Lucifer!”
He said, the excitement evident in his voice.
“The worship service was stupendous as usual.”
Lucifer waved the compliment away, more intent on teasing Gabriel.
“Many thanks, brother. Surely you are with every second there in your scrolls. Aye?”
The soft blush staining his cheeks gave him away and Lucifer guffawed away, his shoulders bouncing in his mirth. Gabriel frowned playfully.
He said, with the flattest tone he could muster, even though his eyes were laughing along. Lucifer released a toothy grin, causing Gabriel to roll his eyes.
“I wonder though…”
Gabriel began,
“You have taken to this place. Never a day goes by that you are not here. Why?”
Lucifer considered the question. It was his brooding spot. Angels did not brood though, how could he tell this angel that he had begun to find God…greedy?
He bit his tongue.
“I find that this place suffices, to…marvel at The Lord from.”
It wasn’t a lie, it just wasn’t quite the…truth.
Gabriel didn’t seem to notice though, as his question filled expression immediately turned lovestruck at the mention of The Lord.
“Aaah, The Lord! What a wonder he truly is!”
Lucifer wasn’t sure why he felt sick all of a sudden, but he just let the conversation go with a weak smile and a heartless
Leaving Gabriel to go in his way, singing the new Temple song Lucifer and crape acted that very day with fervor.

The Genesis
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Diary Entry 2

Talking to myself is something basically impossible for me not to do. I mean, it’s become a part of me. For so long I had no friends and had to create my own that even when I started having friends, i’d freak them out talking to myself… 😛 Lol. When i’m alone now, I still carry on conversations with my brain… I think. It’s crazy on the road. Today I was arguing with my brain friend and a guy nearby walked over to ask if I was okay. Uh, hey, can’t a girl be nuts around here without confrontation?! The outrage! Of course that was not what I said. I politely told him I was. I was sitting with Stephen the other day and he noticed I was kinda distracted. He asked what was wrong, and God help me, I lied to my best friend. I realized then, deep down, the reason I kept my brain friends is cos I have friends now, but I still can’t let them in… I always need to talk to someone about stuff, but I don’t trust anyone enough… yet I guess. Stephen is the person I trust most outside my family, but then, not even family gets in… halfway… Maybe that’s why talking to myself is inevitable…


Diary Entry 1

Well, it’s been quite long since my last post. I’ve been terribly busy. Too busy even to write. 😦 I had a few thoughts about starting to post my diary online. SCARY! I’m willing to try though. It won’t be something I do all the time, but I WILL post now and then. Right now I’m lying on the couch in the living room, glaring at the ceiling. My friend Steve just really annoyed me. I won’t say anything of course, being myself. Insulting someone in an indirect way seems to be his talent. Like a teacher of mine, Mr A.Y. who claims his God-given life quota is to abuse other people’s children verbally. Lol. But then Mr A.Y. is insane. I’m not talking to Steve right now cos my data connection is off. He must think i’m so upset i’m ignoring him. I have to admit, I am tempted to continue to let him think that… Ah, but then i’m not one to torment others that way. See you whenever dear blog…


I’m back!!! With my latest adventure! “For Adam was not deceived.” It’s sorta weird, but i’m determined.

The worship service was awesome as usual. His amazing voice had led the Holy choir in harmony, authoritatively. He smiled as yet another group of angels passed, giving him marvelling glances and approving pats with murmured hallelujahs. He saw Micheal, the great warrior come out of the Most High’s sanctuary with one of his captains and give him a small smile and a wave. He returned the greeting and walked alone towards the glinting gold street. The eminence of the Lord himself was the light of the heavenlies… and of the vast space of lower creation below. He still didn’t understand the reason for the creation of those MORTAL creatures. Not to mention the fact that they looked nothing like the Lord, nothing like the elders, nothing like the four creatures always before the Lord (which looked pretty weird themselves ). They were huge, with incapability to speak without shouting. Their existence was constantly known by the heavenlies. Even the spirits of them who had died and come up were noisy! He had to wonder when they were created. Was the Lord that bored? So bored that he was creating all sorts of anomalies just to amuse himself? Were the praises of the heavenlies – HIS praises not enough for the Lord? He reached the gazebo at the intersection and sat in it’s little covering. The wooden bench should be used to him by now. It had become his usual private place. A lovely view of perfection lay just in his sight. Anyone on the road could be seen from his vantage point. And from his point of view he could see Gabriel coming his way. He smiled. This handsome young angel with his close-cropped black hair and gentle brown eyes seemed to always be with a scroll. For that he had been nicknamed “Scribe of the sanctuary”. It seemed every event went into one scroll or the other. The angel even looked studious. Gabriel noticed him then, and his face exploded into a grin. He quickened his pace, stopping before the gazebo’s window, adjusting his scrolls and wiping his face with a sweep of one hand.
“Hail to thee Lucifer! The worship was wonderful! As usual”
He just waved the compliment away
“Many thanks brother. Obviously you are with every moment there in your scrolls.”
Gabriel blushed a soft red. He laughed. Gabriel made the wiping gesture again.
“Well, yes. I do wonder though. Why is it, for the past few millenniums you have taken to this place? You are always here!”
Lucifer smiled. It was his brooding spot.
“To marvel at the Lord”
He said. It wasn’t a lie, it just wasn’t true. Not the way Gabriel would expect anyway. Gabriel’s question filled expression immediately turned love-struck.
“Aye, the Lord. Such a wonder he is!”
Lucifer wasn’t sure why he felt sick all of a sudden, but he gave Gabriel a weak smile and an “Aye”.


Lol. This would be crazy! Callin it. “Handsel and Gretel”

His glove-clad hands brushed the face of the just severed head lovingly. He smiled at the open brown eyes just before he plucked them out of their sockets. He almost laughed out loud at the drastic change in the appearance of the face. Bloody sockets was all it took. He giggled like a little girl getting away with mischief. Then he was interrupted. His hands froze as his wife spoke.
“Hansel this is dangerous”
The female voice came from his own lips, as the worried look his face.
“Oh honey but why?”
He asked, his face normalizing and his hands smoothing the clipper he had brought over the black head. He froze again.
“The detective keeps getting closer and closer. He’s too smart.”
His hands moved again, continuing to shave and a maniacal grin brightened his face.
“Ah, my dear Gretel. He can’t. Ever.”
The grin became a frown.
“Not even when you share the same body?”
Asked the female voice uncertainly.
The hands moved again, pushing fingers into the skin beside the empty sockets and peeling off the entire face. He cradled the bloody gray skull.
“No, Gretel. He was knocked out for sure when we left. Look. A new collection.”
Detective Kenneth O’Riley sat up in bed, dazed he looked around, his dream coming back to him. He had seen the murderers in his dream. Heard them talk about him……no memory of faces. This case was unlike any he could remember. He shuddered. He now had to watch the crime while it was performed. He felt such a headache. He was exhausted and wanted to curl up and sleep……but he had slept all through last night….


“Echoes of Mercy”

You already know that i’m crazy….but most people run when I let this cat out if the bag. I thought about death all the time. So much that I daydreamed of myself in death situations and figured out the different ways I could manage to save my life. For example, I once saw an upright pole on the unfinished roof of a bungalow from the top floor of my school building. I stopped to study it with my friend Guano and the junior who had been crushing on me then, Gautier. While they talked I was imagining being pushed from a chopper directly downwards towards it. I looked at the death modes. I calculated the height of my imaginary chopper and made it just right so that if I was to land with my head first the pole would pierce through. The whole length of me. Or if I landed with my back I’d break into halves, then I began to strategize my means of survival. I could grab the pole with my hands but my face would be in serious trouble. I could definitely not try to block the blow with my hands. I would lose both arms. I would just have to perform a sideways spin and avoid the pole. Smiling a little at that little victory I looked back to Guano and Gautier to find them staring at me. I told Guano what I had been thinking and he gave me a funny look. I just grinned at him. Gautier adored me, bless his childish heart….though he was only a month younger….anyway, he didn’t find that weird. There are so many others. Like imagining falling out the window in a construction site or my favorite, lying in bed when a tornado hits right in front of your window and lifts your bed and you, and slams you into the iron bars that refuse to give way and let you fly into the flurry. I haven’t figured that one out yet. The force of hitting the bars if you are facing the window, lying on your back, would kill you. If it doesn’t the inability to breath will do the job effectively. If you lay on your stomach, your face would be stuck in the mattress and you would die of good ol’ suffocation. If your head is out of the mattress, your neck would be screwed. Charming young lady, was I not?


“Echoes of Mercy

One thing I hated most in those days was losing my work. It basically drove me crazy with fury. I used to look for things to destroy when I got angry. Getting angry made me want to hit something. I would long for the satisfying sound of glass shattering or a spoon hitting the wall with such force it rebounded to my feet. Or a mop stick breaking into tiny pieces when I smacked it against a wall. It was incredibly refreshing. If I didn’t however, I would end up in tears. So when I couldn’t find a venue for destruction I would volunteer myself. Sometimes I would cut myself and watch the blood lazily flow or I would ram my fist into the wall so hard my fingers would turn green afterwards. It was hard living in that family and working. I would stare at the ceiling in rage sometimes. Too incensed to trust myself to do anything else. Anger never left me easily. It was something that tested my personality much later…….